Is Yeezy 380 Black Comfortable?

Is Yeezy 380 Black Comfortable?

  • Wednesday, 23 February 2022
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Most Yeezy fans will believe that yeezys are one of the most comfortable sneakers out there. Especially, yeezy 350 and yeezy 380 are claimed to be the comfiest of the lot. In this blog, I will mainly talked about the yeezy 380 black sneaker. If you are looking for yeezy 380 black with reasonalbe price. Then you can read the blog carefully. 

Are Yeezy 380 Black Comfortable?

If you want to know the questions, my answer is yes. According to a reddit user, the yeezy 380 black feel like heaven on feet. They have an insane amount of boost which gives your feet the cushion and comfort you need to keep going all day long. Different from other yeezy 380 sneakers, the yeezy 380 black onyx has a little more shape and support in the heel, making them better - suited for gym and basketball. 

What is Yeezy 380 Black? 

In order to fit younger people's desire of Yeezys, the Yeezy Brand expands their Yeezy 380 line with a new colorway in the Yeezy Boost 380 Onyx Black Purple Real Boost. The yeezy 380 onyx comes with a black and dark brown camo-print Primeknit upper with a flat black side spot. The Yeezy Onyx 380 released in November of 2021.

How does Yeezy 380 Black look like? 

If you want to know the yeezy 308 black sneakers' apperance, you can browse the following pics. 

How do I clean my yeezy 380 black? 

Because yeezy 380 black is designed for fashion, the mesh can get dirty fast. When you need to clean these sneakers, you can scrub the rubber outsole with a bristled brush and some quality sneaker cleanign solution. You also can machine wash your yeezy 380 black onyx as long as they are wahsed on the delicate cycle with cold water. However, hand washing is better than machine washing. Because machine washing could cause more wear and tear than hand washing. 

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